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Anilox cylinder

A screen roller is a gravure cylinder with a full screened surface (engraved, etched, direct laser engraved), which is used to single-colour or lacquer areas in the gravure process for example. In flexo printing the screen roller transfers adhesive, lacquer or ink onto the printing form. The exact surface nature of the screen roller and thus also the selection of the gravure process are guided by the later area of application. The printing form and screen roller must be matched exactly to each other in flexo printing. Normally, the resolution of the screen roller is five times higher than that of the printing form so that the resolution of the transferring amount can be defined exactly. The screen dots on the printing form cannot be so small in any circumstances so that they dip into the screen roller in the cell.

Engraving of a screen roller                                                                                                               Chrome-plated screen roller
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