Vision, Mission, Values

Over 1,700 staff around the global contribute to the success of our international customers. As global market leader of integrated prepress solutions in the packaging industry, Janoschka is focused on global quality and precision standards in this technology- and brand-driven market. Janoschka is a second-generation family-owned business. Personal relationships with customers, partners and staff, along with our values, are the linchpin of our activities. Our strength lies in the strong bond and close cooperation of our teams. Cooperation based on trust, appreciation, comprehensive diversity and personal relationships shape our daily working lives and working environment.

Our success in this industry, dominated by innovative technologies and continuous development, is based on our employees’ high level of qualification, expertise, experience and motivation.

We work together to fulfil our vision of being the most customer-oriented company in the industry.

"Based on our values

we live our mission

to strive for our vision."

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

“We are the most customer-oriented
company in the industry.“

With this approach in mind, we check the quality of our products and services on a daily basis, contributing our expertise, developing ideas, providing guidance and implementing our customers’ requests, from design to the finished printing tool.


”We deliver solutions.“


This requires people, who are enthusiastic about every single task and want to discover the new and the unexpected. At Janoschka, great individual ideas are perfectly matched with the power of the team, creating solutions that are aligned with the specific needs of a wide range of customers.


”We are reliable, agile
and communicative.“

Strong values are the compass of the company and each individual employee and form the basis of our success. They guide us in the careful preparation of projects, implementation of a wide range of requirements with a flexible and creative approach, and diligent quality checks of the results.


"Personal relationships with customers, partners and staff, along with our values, are the linchpin of our activities."

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