“A responsible approach to people and the environment is an indispensable and natural part of our corporate culture.”

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We have been managing the social, environmental and particularly the economic impact of our business activities in a highly responsible manner for many years. Rather than just talking about sustainability as a goal to pursue, it shapes our decision-making in all business areas.

It therefore goes without saying that we adhere to the required safety regulations at all of our locations in order to protect the health of our employees. We take the same responsible approach when it comes to the environment, natural resources and our carbon footprint. We are guided by global as well as local environmental guidelines, applying the latest technologies in our production areas and minimising emissions into the air and water by regularly servicing, modernising and optimising our equipment to reduce energy consumption. This helps us make a major contribution to the survival and sustainable development of the entire industry and preserve a liveable environment.

The responsible approach to environment and humankind is an indispenable and natural part of our corporate culture.

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