Walk The Talk

Saving + generating = twice as sustainable

We are conscious of the savings potential of every single printing tool leaving our production facility. Gravure printing tools have excellent longevity and can even be recycled. However, they also represent a high proportion of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, we naturally continually invest in the latest equipment and processes that require less energy.

And, our efforts have been successful! In the last two years alone, we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by 15%.

LED Lighting

When it comes to electricity, every watt counts. We have therefore converted the lighting for the entire cylinder production as well as exterior areas to energy-saving LED lights at our Kippenheim site. This energy-saving measure alone is reducing our carbon footprint by around 3.27% annually.

solar panels

But saving energy in itself is not enough, which is why we have been generating our own electricity at our largest facility in Germany since 2020. With around 3,300 m² of solar panels, we are reducing our CO2 emissions by more than 150 tonnes per year.
And we saved more than 100 trees so far.

modern mobility

We sponsor bikes for our staff, supporting their fitness and health and showing our appreciation for them.

This modern mobility concept also highlights our common goal for a responsible approach to the environment and the use of natural resources.

we drive green

...and it’s going to get even greener. Electric vehicles now make up 30% of our entire vehicle fleet. We are taking giant steps in migrating from fossil fuels to renewable energies, drastically reducing our carbon footprint. This is largely thanks to the charging stations on our premises that provide power generated on our own roofs, and there is plenty more to go round.

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