Code of Conduct

In a highly competitive and continually and rapidly changing world, we are guided by our values. Our success is based on mutual trust, integrity and respect in our relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners. We aim to create and maintain these by conducting ourselves with honesty and acting correctly both legally and ethically. It is our goal to operate a successful and sustainable business and maintain a competitive position by adhering to high ethical standards. The success of our business also depends on abiding by laws, regulations, ethical principles and on every one of us subscribing to these values.

Our code of conduct provides reliable guidance to ensure that our values and commitments are embedded and realised in everything that we do across the entire company. In addition, it contributes to the protection of the organisation and every single employee.


"We trust our business partners to share and commit to the values and provisions set in our Code of Conduct and to obey the law."


The term whistleblowing describes the exposure of corporate failings, such as financial misconduct or discrimination. Whistleblowers, who can be employees or third parties (such as suppliers or customers), are given the opportunity to air their grievances regarding the company’s values via a reporting channel and be heard in relation to unlawful and unethical behaviours.

If you are aware of any actions or behaviours by staff or business partners that are unlawful, harmful to the organisation or contradict our corporate principles and ethics, you can report these (anonymously, if you wish) on the reporting portal.

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