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Walk the Talk: Green Deal sustainability – transparency in plastic recycling

Janoschka and Linked2Brands are supporting the HolyGrail 2.0 project.

Environmental and climate protection are the most pressing global challenges of our age. Saving resources is the order of the day. The European Commission has responded to these issues with its Green Deal, setting standards for sustainable growth and paving the way for a circular economy with a plan of action: Reusable or recyclable

All plastic packaging in the EU should be reusable or recyclable at low expense by 2030. The plan is for this new, sustainable plastic economy to work exclusively as a circular system. With "HolyGrail 2.0" – the title says it all – the European Brands Association AIM (Association des Industries de Marque) launched a project with the aim of making packaging more easily sortable.

Aware of their responsibility regarding sustainable packaging, Janoschka and Linked2Brands have joined the quest for the HolyGrail and is contributing its expertise and know-how in the role of an enhancing partner. The HolyGrail 2.0 initiative is making use of the broad expertise of its various partners to look into digital watermarks as a possible solution. They want to find out whether this innovation could contribute to greater sorting efficiency and hence higher quality recycling for packaging in the EU. This technology should then set the circular economy in motion.

Digital watermarks are codes the size of postage stamps (imperceptible to the human eye) that are placed on the surface of consumer goods packaging. They can hold a large amount of information and attributes, such as manufacturer, type of plastics used, composition of multi-layered items, use for food or non-food etc. The watermark information can be used along the whole value creation chain — from the manufacture to the reuse of the packaging. It makes the entire lifecycle of packaging transparent.

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