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Packaging Printing

After years of globalisation industrial packaging printing is also extremely diversified. All of the known printing processes are used to a greater or lesser degree in packaging. There are company sizes from a one-man-firm to global groups. There are hybrid technologies, island solutions as well as own developments of all types. A consistent standard has not been able to establish itself yet; in contrast a multitude of house standards exist (print colour management). In addition to the exotic methods’ of digital printing, letterpress and silkscreen printing, an estimated 90 percent of all packaging worldwide is printed either in the offset, gravure or flexo technology. These three processes differ and complement each other through their individual strengths and weaknesses. Offset printing is widely used in packaging printing particularly in the area of labels and folding containers. Due to its high printing quality and endless technology gravure is very suitable for printing on flexible materials. Flexo printing, which has gained significantly in terms of quality in recent decades and therefore acquired a greater market share in packaging printing, is an alternative in this sector. 

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