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In gravure work is done with outlines so that a high edge sharpness can be obtained with filigrane elements, e.g. small letters. Three variants of outlines are possible in laser etching. Outline, special outline and outline stop. Outline can be determined on the machine independently of the repro. An outline is used in texts or surfaces with a minor depth (max. 33my). The special outline is used in bigger depths. The special outline is distinguished by its very fine 500 screen and has to be set up in repro. The laser shoots small round cells here. Outline stop is used for surfaces with a negative font or only for surfaces. In outline stop the outline does not run on the surface, just around the font or in the case of surfaces only on the side of the running direction. This means that the doctor blade and cell are not damaged. Outlines can be produced with all laser processes. 

1 Laser etching: standard screen with outline (right)
2 Laser etching: fine screen with outline (right)
3 Direct laser engraving: masterscreen with outline (right)
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