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Gravure press

Gravure presses for packaging printing can work today with up to twelve printing cylinders. The technical further development is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of the printing process.


- Cassette changing systems allow the almost simultaneous change of the ink tray, cylinder and inking roller during production. With eight inks the change times can be shortened to less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, the system saves room in the vicinity of the press.


- Special inking rollers ensure optimum cell filling, even with maximum printing speeds (600m/min). This also minimises the drying of the ink in a fine cell.


- The automatic pre-register setting RSP (RegisterScanPreset) reduces stains, increases the speed and facilitates operation. This is because the cylinder zero position is captured with a laser. Possible material elongations or similar items are automatically detected, which means that manual corrections are eliminated. 

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