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Like the Direct Laser System, the Cellaxy direct laser gravure is a direct laser gravure process. For example, a screen dot is composed of 28x24 pixels in the case of an 80 screen. The Cellaxy laser engraves directly in the copper surface of the gravure cylinder, so an additional zinc layer is not required. The process is distinguished by very high resolution and edge sharpness, as screen forms and printing elements can be generated at will. The Cellaxy laser can also be used to engrave high-quality embossing structures and allows three-dimensional gravure in zinc or copper. Thanks to the substantially higher engraving resolution of up to 2000 l/cm and the higher screen variance, the gravure time of Cellaxy direct laser gravure for simple gravure elements is somewhat longer than with the Direct Laser System. It is as fast as electro-mechanical engraving, but substantially faster than Xtrem gravure. Qualitatively it caters for much higher requirements, as for example it allows a combination of very diverse screen types and printing elements on a gravure cylinder, and the finest gravure elements for RFID printing forms, security or negotiable instruments printing and much more. The advantage of Cellaxy direct laser gravure lies in its essentially more universal usability in comparison with all other gravure processes and the high quality level in all these applications. 

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