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Artwork (final artwork) is a reproducible 1:1 template for printing. All features such as images, text and logos are already in the right size and in the right position. Alternatively placeholders can also indicate areas for the precise assembly of other printing templates. In digital artwork templates like this are no longer produced with scissors, brush or adhesive but by mouse click and screen. In the prepress process the artwork immediately follows the design phase. In packaging printing in particular design concepts are prepared technically and as regards content for a particular pack format in artwork. If a new packaging design exists for a larger product range, a master artwork is initially produced. So-called artwork variants with all of the relevant text and design features are developed on this basis for each packaging size (150g, 250g, 500g, etc), each packaging type (single pack, multipack, minis, etc) and each product line (goulash, carbonara, napoli, meatloaf, etc). This can be done directly by the brand owner, the creative agency, a separate artwork agency or a comprehensive prepress service provider. Together with the target proof the artwork forms the basis for the reproduction.

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