Hightech needs expertise

Mondi Korneuburg

High tech only works with the right settings

When the Mondi site Korneuburg invested some 3 million euros in the acquisition of a new gravure printing press, they also invested in comprehensive consulting from Janoschka. The technical print consultant Dirk Jauch spent three weeks in total at Mondi in Austria commissioning the Heliostar II SH with its 10 print units.

Dirk Jauch, technical print consultant at the Kippenheim site, took on the job of setting up the new printing machine.
“Brilliant print results and accurate colours are the most important things for brand recognition. A printing press for packaging needs to hit the mark on both these counts,” says Dirk, explaining his job. Such a machine is high tech – and is only as good as the way we set the various parameters in relation to one another.”

Through his work, Janoschka guarantees that the new machine is achieving consistent print results matching the results achieved by the printing machine already installed in Korneuburg.


Mondi Group is a global packaging and paper group, actively leading the future of a sustainable packaging and paper industry, using paper where possible and plastic when useful.

Mondi has been a Janoschka customer for 25 years.
As a global prepress partner Janoschka supplies about 7,000 printing cylinders and 2,000 steel bases to Mondi from seven countries.




Rainer Geiger

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