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Fingerprinting is a very reliable process in Print Colour Management for achieving consistent print results in different printing processes and printing works. A fingerprint is the momentary recording of the individual print condition, e.g. in a certain printing works. To be able to produce a fingerprint, it is necessary to have a special test form, which contains the appropriate reference pictures, test charts and control features. The images on this test form are transferred onto the various printing forms in the relevant printing process while using the individual standard parameters. The settings on the printing press, the substrate used, the colour sequence and the possible finishing must absolutely satisfy the later printing conditions in order to exclude unwanted deviations. Printing of the test form is the decisive fingerprint for the measurement-technical identification of the so-called characterisation data. Based on this characterisation data, which describes the colour space of a printing condition, the colour profile is produced digitally. Furthermore, deviations between the fingerprint and the target proof and may make selective corrections in the target proof via a visual comparison of the various elements in the test form. 

Fingerprint test forms
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