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Decor printing

Decor printing offers numerous possibilities for designing the surfaces of furniture or other room elements. Be it countertops, cabinet fronts, wall panels or window ledges, the range of stone, wood and fantasy decors is immense. Even flooring can be designed in conjunction with a special surface treatment using decor printing.

From a technical viewpoint, decor printing is a special variant of gravure printing. The decors are printed on special substrates that have to meet certain requirements depending on the finishing process. Usually they are special decorative papers that are printed in two to five consecutive steps using patterns: after each colour application, the paper, which is only 70 µm (0.07 mm) thick, has to be dried before the next colour can be applied. Then, depending on the application, the finished printed papers are impregnated with resins in the wood products industry and pressed onto chipboards and medium or high-density fibre boards (MDF/HDF).

Surfaces produced using decor printing are also often used for the interior of trains and ships as well as in the caravan industry.

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