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An active commitment to responsible copper production

Janoschka is the first company in the printing industry to become a Copper Mark partner and to support this leading assurance framework promoting responsible copper production practices across the copper value chains.

Copper is still an essential component of gravure cylinders. Applied to the steelbase as a thin µ layer, copper has the optimum property for imaging. Gravure cylinders can be reused as often as required after a print job has been completed. The old copper layer, and thus the print design, is removed from the cylinder and a fresh layer is applied for the next engraving.

“In addition to this important cycle of recycling a valuable raw material, we at Janoschka feel obliged to set further standards in terms of sustainability. As a Copper Mark partner, we can support sustainable practices in copper production. This is in line with our philosophy of acting and operating responsibly and creating a corporate culture that ensures a long-term sustainable business,” emphasises Emre Candan, Chief Operating Officer, Janoschka Holding.

Janoschka is fully committed with respect to the use of copper: the company has developed a unique recycling process to obtain 99.98 per cent pure copper. Using this process, Janoschka already processes six to eight tonnes of copper per month for recycling at its Izmir site. This in-house copper recycling process saves more than 235 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Copper Mark is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Every partner, including Janoschka, must meet the strict standards of 32 sustainability criteria in areas such as compliance, child labour, environmental protection and occupational safety.

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