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Janoschka develops new standard for unique purity

When it comes to printing packaging, catalogues and magazines in large batches, gravure cylinders are unbeatable. They produce precise and reliably consistent printing results – economically, efficiently and at high speed. A key component of a gravure cylinder is the thin layer of copper that is applied to the cylinder base with a thickness in the µ range. It has the perfect properties for engraving the cylinder during the electromechanical imaging process. A final layer of chrome ensures a long life. Once the print job is complete, gravure cylinders can be reused over and over again. The old copper layer and thus the print design is removed so that a fresh layer of copper can then be added for a new engraving.

This method of recycling has inspired Janoschka to become a pioneer in terms of sustainability and go one step further. In an extensive research project, Janoschka Izmir collaborated with a university department for material technology to develop a unique recycling process for extracting 99.98 per cent pure copper.

Copper is a durable material that has the highest rate of recycling across the world. Copper recycling has a long tradition and works over and over again without any noticeable loss in quality or properties. Nothing new about that. The Janoschka process, however, is unique, because of the purity standards it delivers and the small nugget form.

Six to eight tonnes of copper are now being recycled at Janoschka Izmir each month. Investments in two other recycling centres within Janoschka Group are currently being planned.

As a world leader, Janoschka has committed itself to constant innovation and sustainability. Setting an example in the sector, we translate words into deeds, thus reducing the environmental impact of our activities. Our own copper recycling alone yields annual carbon savings of over 235 tonnes.


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