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Colour Management

Brand consistency through perfect Print Colour Management

Colours are decisive and even more demanding when changing the printing technology.

Up to 75% of all FMCG purchase decisions are made in the shop. It is the design details and, above all, the #colours that are decisive.

Packaging trends and changing lifestyles have been pushing the individualization of product ranges and variants. The market’s demand for smaller print runs, cost efficiency and order flexibility is a game changer.
New and sustainable printing #substrates and the variety in packaging printing solutions doesn’t make life easier for colour matters when moving printing projects to a different technology.

There are no definite industry standards in packaging printing due to the huge spectrum of substrates, ink systems and refinement processes. If printing is done at different sites or if different printing processes are used, minimizing color variations represents a major challenge. The consistency of the print result can be assured through fingerprint-based print color management in the digital phase.

Smart Print Colour Management including specific Fingerprinting & Profiling are providing consistent results from different printing processes.
This profiling process includes all of the relevant process parameters (up to 70 variables) in gravure, flexo, offset and digital printing.

Colour consistency is guaranteed!

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