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JAPRIS: A new generation of finishing solutions for packaging

Special design features on packaging, like UV coatings, gold foil and embossing, catch the eye and arouse interest among consumers at the point of sale. When it comes to competing for the consumer’s attention, the winning messages are those that stand out from the crowd. Janoschka, the innovative partner for brand owners, printers and converters, knows just what a challenge this is. They have therefore come up with a new generation of packaging finishing solutions: JAPRIS (Janoschka Prismatic Effect Cylinder).

JAPRIS uses a special data preparation process to engrave images on a gravure cylinder that gives the substrate a dynamic, three-dimensional look. This new technique uses light reflection and different levels of brightness to create animated patterns and metallic effects. JAPRIS can also add special security marks to provide effective protection against product counterfeiting. The JAPRIS gravure cylinder fits in all standard printing presses and applies these refinements during the normal printing process. A method that is as simple as it is effective. JAPRIS adds attention-grabbing features to packaging. One of these is a pattern that changes as you tilt, rotate or turn the packaging. This creates a new kind of visual experience in which consumers play an active role and spend longer with the product and thus with the brand. A clear advantage at the POS.

Whether applied in specific positions or across a larger area, these new finishing touches can be used for a wide range of applications. Firstly, the JAPRIS special effects can be set against any background colour and combined with all commonly used refinements. They can therefore add the final touches to embossed designs, UV structures and other decorative elements. Secondly, JAPRIS is compatible with all kinds of plastic film and cardboard as well as laminated cardboard.

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