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Janoschka in co-operation with Comexi: Outstanding packaging enhancement

JAPRIS, Janoschka’s Prismatic Effect Cylinder, is an outstanding finishing solution for printed packaging. Light reflection and varying levels of luminosity create animated patterns or metallic and prismatic effects. In addition, special security features make Japris an effective tool in the fight against product piracy.

Janoschka and Comexi have now joined foreces.
COMEXI GROUP, a global partner for printing, laminating and slitting, has integrated the cylinder directly with a new generation of its laminating machines.
Besides the inline finishing for gravure printing, the offline Comexi solution offers a totally new Japris potential. Converters are able to add Japris in a single operation directly to the gravure and flexo packaging material in the laminating machine.

The Japris eyecatcher actively involves consumers by opening up completely new visual experiences through tilting, twisting and turning. Applied either partially or fully, using one of the 80 existing patterns or one customised on request, this new type of finishing offers a broad spectrum of possible applications. Japris is able to achieve its special effects on any background colour and can be combined with all common finishing processes, adding the finishing touches to embossing designs, UV structures and other decorative elements. In addition, it prints on a wide variety of plastic films, carton and laminated cardboard.

The prismatic application is providing brands with an additional advantage on the shelf through appealing and captivating designs.

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