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Embossing makes the Difference

Embossing adds a third dimension to a wide range of materials. Surfaces refined in this way provide a haptic experience, not just a visual one, and embossing often enhances their functionality as well.

With their extensive know-how, experience and technical skills, the embossing experts at Janoschka make full use of the enormous potential of this technology, while at the same time meeting the market requirements for high-grade surfaces, design and quality.

We talked to Daniela and Matthias Heidt, both embossing enthusiasts and a couple in private life, about their work and found out a lot about specific and complex tasks as well as about enthusiasm and passion.

You both specialize in embossing tools. How would you describe your work?

Daniela Heidt: In a nutshell, we translate customer wishes into the latest technology, always thinking outside the box... Reproducing customer specifications down to the finest detail calls for a lot of creativity, experience and a high level of precision.

Matthias Heidt: Our job is to produce perfect embossing tools that go on to yield perfect embossing results. In the first step, good and close contact with the customer and direct communication are indispensable for the whole process. 

So you bring together many years of experience, technical know-how and extensive specialist knowledge?
Read the full interview in the Linked magazine no. 8.starting page 64.

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