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A big impact

Official hand-over of project certificate in Kippenheim with management Janoschka Deutschland, Wintermayr Energiekonzepte and Städtische Werke Kassel (lessor).

The big impact of lighting.

When it comes to electricity, every watt counts.

We have therefore converted the lighting for the entire cylinder production as well as exterior areas to energy-saving LED lights at our Kippenheim site.
Thanks to the know-how and experience of our project partner Wintermayr Energiekonzepte the realization of this huge project on 18.000 m² production area was done within two months, without interrupting the production.

The result is something to be proud of:
This energy-saving measure alone is reducing our carbon footprint by around 320t annually with a energy saving of 68%.
And above all there is an average of 14% more light. 

This project has really paid off for both: us and the environment.

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