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We are an international market-leading, constantly expanding company in the printing industry catering global and local printers and converters with printing tools including graphic services for printed FMCG packaging. With more than four decades of experience we know and understand the various markets and requirements of our customers.

But central to our philosophy, we are convinced that the successful solutions offered come from the qualification and passion of our employees. Their knowledge, motivation and feeling on behalf of our customers influence Janoschka’s continual success. 

The yearly leadership training for Janoschka Malaysia colleagues is designed to develop the skills to lead with courage and conviction. Among others teamwork, communication and trust are second to none because people are in the same boat. Literally!

“We believe in our people as the most valuable asset of our company. Each employee is given room to deploy personal strengths and to live a trustful and close collaboration. And above all, if leaders become role models we have achieved an important goal", Uthiyakumar Murugaiah, Managing Director, Janoschka Malaysia.


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Human Resources
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