Software Developer, Senior Image Processing (m/f/x)


  • Senior Image Processing Native Code Developer
  • Having a portfolio or experience as a Senior & Architect C++ developer or with an Image Processing Program prepared in another Native Code Language
  • Unicorn project manager
  • Mid cuda and graphic cards knowledge , Architect PC resources manager
  • Minium Intermadiate level English to join international development meetings in the group
  • OpenCV Library Experience

Job Description:

  • Developing a program that captures high-resolution images with a high-resolution camera on the workpiece in the newly developed image processing machine, compares them with image elements in a Tiff file at micron level, lists and saves visual differences as errors
  • Contributing to other new machine developments
  • Contributing to the Image Data Management policy of the group
  • Participating in the Software Development Security group and fulfilling tasks
  • Taking on roles as needed in the group’s software development tasks
  • Participating in other operational programming projects

Site: Turkey Janoschka Izmir


Oğuz Yalıklı

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