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The term whistleblowing describes the exposure of corporate failings, such as financial misconduct or discrimination.

Whistleblowers, who can be employees or third parties (such as suppliers or customers), are given the opportunity to air their grievances regarding the company’s values via a reporting channel and be heard in relation to unlawful and unethical behaviours. If you are aware of any actions or behaviours by staff or business partners that are unlawful, harmful to the organisation or contradict our corporate principles and ethics, you can report these (anonymously, if you wish).

To achieve our vision, it is crucial that all of our employees and partners understand, follow, and adhere to our corporate values of mutual trust and open feedback and communication culture. We want to encourage people to speak up when they see activity or behaviour that they feel is wrong or does not match our values.

If the informant chooses to make an anonymous report, its identity will be respected at any time and not traced. The whistleblower can identify himself, but this is his/her choice. At no point he/she will be forced to provide the identity.

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