Thanks to many years of experience in all phases of the prepress process, Janoschka is the ideal partner to help brand owners attain their goal called brand consistency. And of course quick and cost-effectively while maintaining a high standard of quality. 

When it comes to packaging, your brands are in safe hands with us. The successful way to get from brand to packaging: let us show you how it’s done.

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Automotive Design

It is not only the recent Innovation Day “Tactile effects are decisive” that has clearly confirmed the growing importance of tactile structures in various areas of everyday life.

Applications for tactile surfaces are not limited to the decor and packaging sector; use of such tactile stimuli has long since been well-established in the automobile industry too. 

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Direct Laser

With a total of six direct laser engraving systems at different sites since 2014, Janoschka is ideally prepared for the high demands of the decor and tobacco industry.

For engraving three-dimensional embossed structures, these direct laser engraving systems are far superior to the milling technology commonly used in the past.

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tactile, or not?

Today the reproduction of tactile and semi-tactile surfaces and structures in 3D is one of the major issues of our customers. The demand for three-dimensional surfaces in different markets is growing tremendously.

Especially the semi-tactile impression, means a 3D effect without being tactile, is very often the element of surprise.

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