SIG packaging technology helps Vietnamese dairy producer expand market share

SIG aseptic technology and carton packs is helping Vietnam’s premium dairy producer Lothamilk to boost production. With restrictions of pasteurised dairy products, that have to be stored and transported chilled, Lothamilk is now benefiting from SIG’s aseptic carton packaging, offering a significantly longer shelf life without refrigeration or preservatives.

Lothamilk opted for high speed aseptic filling technology, featuring a filling machine to complement combiblocXSlim carton packs – filling 24,000 packs per hour, in nine different volumes from 80ml to 200ml, for unparalleled flexibility. While Lothamilk has been a very popular dairy brand for pasteurized products in many Vietnam regions for more than 20 years, it was unable to expand its product presence throughout the country. With the aseptic filling process and composite structure of SIG carton packs Lothamilk, as well as retailers and consumers, will benefit from a longer shelf life with no need for products to be refrigerated. The gentle aseptic process ensures the safe retention of vitamins, flavour and overall high product quality, without the need for any preservatives.

Phat Ho, deputy general director of Lothamilk Joint Stock Company, said the cooperation with SIG helped the firm expand and opened up new opportunities for Lothamilk throughout Vietnam. “Not only has it significantly increased our distribution, but also helps us to reach new consumers by adapting to their changing needs, building brand loyalty and securing long term profitability. Vietnamese families are now benefitting from the highest quality long-life UHT-products, in the most sustainable, convenient and safe packaging.”

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