Hollow cylinder production to relocate to Kippenheim

Janoschka is consolidating its production capacity in the DACH region, relocating the automated line for hollow cylinder production from Bleienbach, Switzerland, to the Kippenheim site in July 2017.

The move and installation are set to be completed by the second half of July. Cylinder production, including all up- and downstream processes, will then begin immediately.

The fully automated hollow cylinder production line is unique in the DACH region. The current production capacity of 6,500 printing tools per year can be extended to 10,000 cylinders at any time, if required.

The facility had been taken over last year, following the closure of competitor Beck.

“The structural arrangements to implement the automatic line are completed. The installation will encrease the efficieny for the manufacturing of shaftless cylinders. We will do our utmost to ensure that the operational business will not be affected by the transition”, explains Michael Janoschka, COO at Janoschka Holding.

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