Our products and services

Bases/ technical rollers

We manufacture bases and technical rollers at different sites worldwide to offer our customers the best conditions in terms of delivery times, flexibility and quality. Our spectrum of carrier solution...[more]


We produce widely-usable rotary embossing rollers in all of the usual manufacturing processes. HSC milled and laser produced union rollers with extremely exact concentricity and production in the ÎĽ-to...[more]

Flexo printing forms

Flexo printing is a widely established printing technology. We manufacture printing forms for packaging printing, which are tailored for the widest variety of applications. The spectrum ranges from fl...[more]

Proof printing

Our own internal proof print resources as well as our professional print colour management enable us to produce top quality print proofs. In gravure we work with the actual printing materials and colo...[more]

Rotogravure cylinder

We produce rotogravure cylinders for the widest variety of applications. Flexible packaging printing involving the most diverse requirements in terms of materials being printed, colour implementation ...[more]

Screens for rotary silkscreen printing

Rotary silkscreen printing convinces through a high-quality printing result and also offers the possibility of achieving effective tactile effects through the use of foam or lacquer. We manufacture ...[more]

Sleeve solutions

Our gravure sleeve system is excellently suited for fixed format packaging and decor printing. The quality standard is as high as that of our gravure cylinders. The reduced weight of the nickel/copper...[more]

Tools/ technical equipment

Abrasion test sheet For the ink manufacturers’ abrasiveness tests we manufacture abrasion test sheets which match our gravure cylinders in their surface texture. The correct chrome layer and surface ...[more]