Philip Morris Unveils New Marlboro Packaging

Philip Morris has unveiled new packaging for its Marlboro brand in the UK, a week after the UK government signed off on proposals to introduce the plain packaging of tobacco products.

The new packaging, which features the familiar Marlboro chevron (and an on-pack health warning), replaces the familiar black font of the Marlboro logo with an embossed font design. It has been described as reflecting the 'constant evolution of the brand over its 90-year history'. The new packaging is available in the Marlboro Red, Gold, White Menthol, Silver Blue and Ice Blast formats.

"Our new packaging sets us apart from the competition, strengthens Marlboro’s brand credentials, and, most importantly, contains the world’s best-selling cigarette range," Martin Inkster, managing director of Philip Morris's UK and Ireland operations, told Talking Retail. "We have also added firm filters, which offer quality you can feel, and a cleaner way to stub out your cigarette."

The packaging was first unveiled in France last summer.

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