SIG Combibloc produces new carton format for Sunraysia

Liquid carton giant SIG Combibloc has produced a combifitMidi carton for juice brand Sunraysia.

SIG Combibloc has claimed that Suraysisa will be the first in the UK to use the combifitMidi carton format, 750ml, from this month. Sunraysia has previously packaged its long life juices in PET, glass and competitor carton formats.  However, the firm said that the new carton pack will not only differentiate the brand on supermarket shelves, but will also provide clear benefits including efficient and long life storage and easy pouring.

Sunraysia commercial director Gavin Cox said: “Our aim has always been to provide premium quality and natural healthy juices to our discerning consumer.  The new combifitMidi carton pack will ensure our juices are protected from light and air, and quality and nutrition is conserved at all times.” SIG Combibloc Europe North marketing manager Cindy Haast added: “Sunraysia’s products are a perfect fit for our new carton pack and exceptional quality is guaranteed to the end consumer. “Our flexible filling technology, which complements our carton formats, also maximises volume capacity.”

Sunraysia’s tomato, prune, beetroot, carrot, mango and pear juices will be packaged in the 750ml combifitMidi carton from this month, and will be available from UK supermarkets giants including Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, Waitrose and Ocado.

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