Printed Electronics: Functionality on the
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Microsleeves: The little brother with the big job.
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CylHub®: Double the
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Janoschka solutions: Innovation through knowledge transfer

Customer and service orientation has always been the core of our corporate culture. If necessary in order to meet our customers’ demands, we go beyond the classic range of prepress products and services. Our portfolio is so diverse that we can profitably transfer our knowledge to other areas. In close coordination with our customers, we design specific machinery, special equipment or components. With our particular expertise in the field of nickel plating and nickel alloys, for example, we have perfected in-house developments such as microsleeves and special silkscreen printing formes.

In cylinder engraving, we constantly strive to make the potential of the latest laser technologies usable for new applications such as 3D embossing structures that are accurate in every detail. Implementation of the smallest electronic circuits (printed electronics) in silkscreen and gravure printing is one of the tasks in our Solutions business field. Here, our experience relating to the production of printing formes, the properties of printing substrates and other parameters of the printing process help us use this promising technology profitably for our customers.

Moreover, we use our knowledge regarding the complexity and weaknesses of the prepress process to optimise workflows from a logistical point of view.


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