A revolution in digital printing: accents in a timeless design.
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Printing on wood:
textured structures for natural-looking flooring.
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Wallpaper for cult interior design: walls with a twist.
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Janoschka interiors: Authentic design for high-quality interior decoration

Be it wall panelling, flooring, kitchen fronts or individual office design, our aim is to achieve the perfect symbiosis between technology and print. Over more than thirty years, we have developed a deep understanding of the aesthetic and technological requirements of the wood and furniture industry. Throughout numerous market upheavals and trends, we have always integrated the best from these different worlds into our portfolio.

Our customers are now reaping the rewards because to give surfaces a high degree of authenticity, we carefully combine modern and conventional technologies. Furthermore, when it comes to fast idea generation or finding inspiration, we are able to draw on an extremely large and diverse design pool.

For our customers, we either act as a systems provider or offer individual services separately, e.g. design consultancy, process management or printing forme production. In digital printing, we also take care of the actual printing if desired.


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