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We see prepress as a process comprising six phases, starting with design and finishing with printing. The aim of this process is to technically prepare a creative idea so that it can be implemented digitally to produce consistent print and packaging. With our wide portfolio, we cover the entire prepress process. We understand and think through the individual needs of our customers from beginning to end. In an ideal process, we can use our process competence and our portfolio to maximum effect.

Further Videos

Production of a gravure cylinder and embossing roller

This film guides you through the whole production process of a rotogravure cylinder and an embossing roller. Besides the preperation of the steelbase according to the following 

engraving process, the film illustrates three different ways of engraving: electro-mechanical engraving, direct laser engraving and etching.

For the production of the embossing roller a embossing unit is used.
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Direct Laser Engraving

The excellent quality of the direct laser is evident by the contour sharpness, the high resolution image reproduction and perfect half tones (vignettes). Line and text elements are characterised by optimal acuity and perfect solid tones.
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The etching technology is known as the first illustration technique for rotary rotogravure printing. This conventional technology is characterized by its very high engraving resolution which makes it ideal for security printing for example.
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The embossing technology is highly appreciated for its wide range of applications in print finishing. This proven high quality and extensive value adding character makes this embossing feature almost a must for today’s demanding packaging.
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Surface Finishing

The prefinal step within the production workflow for all rotogravure cylinders is the chrome-plating. Comparable to copper and zinc the chrome layer is again build up by an electro-plating process. The chrome layer protects the copper and engraving from tarnishing and wear.
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Electro-mechanical Engraving

With its reliable and high quality results, electro-mechanical engraving belongs to the well established engraving techniques in the market. Driven by electro-mechanical pulses the diamond stylus engraves the so-called cells into the copper surface. All engraved cells reproduce the full packaging motif to be printed later on.  
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Packaging Simulation

We simulate the later packaging with great fidelity to detail and in realistic colours with Mock-Ups. We also represent tactile impressions such as embossing and surface structures through the use of genuine materials, as found in the later original. Mock-Ups are invaluable during packaging development, for marketing decisions, but also for advertisements or TV campaigns.
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proROTO System

proROTO, a rotogravure sleeve system of the new generation, is the latest inhouse development of Janoschka and the state-of-the solution for sustainable and cost effective gravure printing. proROTO combines the weight and cost advantages of sleeve technology with the circumferential variability and mechanical stability of regular gravure cylinders.
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We generate both static and animated Packshots with the help of professional 3D software solutions. We can investigate very specific characteristics of a package through a three-dimensional view on a screen. This ranges from the impact in the advertising context to behaviour in certain lighting conditions.
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At the start of packaging development, the decoration or design is important in addition to functional aspects. Creativity plays an important role in staging a product’s effectiveness. At the same time, the design phase is also the prelude to the highly complex and technical prepress process.
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The production of a Master artwork (Master pure drawing) is a creative technical process for us. This involves developing a reproducible model for a new packaging design in a particular format. We adapt a master artwork to particular variants of the same product range.
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In Repro we prepare the artwork for industrial printing so that we can guarantee reliable results. We produce digital reproductions for packaging printing using the gravure, flexo or offset process as well as for embossing and refinements of all types.
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