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Management Executive Board

Alexander Janoschka

Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors, Janoschka AG

As member of the executive board, Alexander Janoschka focuses on the exploration and advancement of new markets and business fields. Before his studies as a communications designer, he worked in various sectors of the printing industry in the US. Furthermore, he deepened his professional experience through stays in France, Portugal and Denmark. After successfully completing his studies, he worked as an entrepreneur with his own marketing and web design agency in Berlin. He completed his broad educational spectrum with an MBA through further general management studies in Sydney and St. Gallen, before joining the company at the start of 2008.

Drazen Babic

Chief Financial Officer
Executive Board, Janoschka AG

Drazen Babic has assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer as of January 1, 2021. As Managing Director at Janoschka France since 2016 and responsible for Western Europe, as well as being a member of the Global Executive Board, Drazen Babic has always been a key part of the executive management at group level. He brings a wealth of financial expertise to the post, having been a chartered accountant and CFO in other industries previously, as well as his profound understanding of entrepreneurial action.

Lutz Braune

Chief Sales Officer
Janoschka Holding

After several leadershop roles at different Janoschka sites, for example in Russia or Malaysia, Lutz Braune promotes the global sales development across all strategic business units of the group. He also accounts for the the strategic alignment with local, regional and global customers. With decades of experience in the packaging industry his added value in taking customer-centric companies to the next level is unchallenged.
Before joining Janoschka in 2013 he served in leadership positions at the global player SIG Combibloc, one of the leading system and solutions provider for aseptic packaging.

Emre Candan

Chief Operations Officer
Janoschka Holding

When joining Janoschka in 2011 the installation of Janoschka Izmir as the first Turkish subsidiary came under the responsibility of Emre Candan. With his assignment as group Chief Operation Officer in 2020 he has been taking care of continuous improvement in production technology, automation and innovation. Building and implementing the green field project Janoschka Aegean, as the second operational site in Turkey in 2017 was another milestone in Emre's Janoschka career. As cluster director Emre Candan is also responsible for the strategic progress and alignment of the sites in Turkey, Russia, and Poland.