About Advisory Board

Martin Bertinchamp

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Owner of MB Prochairman Consulting, Munich & Operating Partner at Triton Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH, Frankfurt
Martin Bertinchamp has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board since Janoschka AG was founded in 2017. With a degree in business administration, Mr. Bertinchamp laid the foundation for his career. After various positions in controlling departments, and then at management level in well-known companies (CEO of EADS, Metabo, Gardena and others), Bertinchamp founded consulting agency MB Prochairman in Munich in 2012, and runs this firm to this day. As Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board and Advisory Board (including over 10 years as a member of the Advisory Board at Deutsche Bank AG), Mr. Bertinchamp contributes his experience and expertise to a range of companies.

Manfred Janoschka

Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board

As a qualified gravure retoucher, Manfred Janoschka founded the company in 1976 in his hometown of Kippenheim, where to this day both a production facility and the Janoschka headquarters are located. His motivation was clear: he wanted to be better than the competition and as a result more successful. From the outset he placed the customer’s wish at the focal point of his entrepreneurial activity. The culture of teamwork, both internally and with customers, which he has established over the years, continues successfully to this day. Manfred Janoschka has also developed a global network decisively and with a clear vision over more than 40 years in order to safeguard geographical and cultural proximity to his customers.

Christian Brauer

Member of the Advisory Board