The ‘Janoschka Prismatic Effect Cylinder’ enables a new generation of finishing solutions for packaging. Moving 2D patterns lend a premium look to packaging and attract the consumer’s attention.

Its special security mark means that JAPRIS can also be deployed to combat product piracy.

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Congratulations to the Janoschka Deutschland team for this important and significant success.

The Ecovadis Silver rating is rewarding our efforts and confirms that we are on the right track.
Globally. Sustainable. Conscious.

See our Sustainability Report 2022.

Emboss your surface

Be it packaging for food or non-food, tobacco products, pharma or cosmetics or any industrial application. Embossing rollers are needed for surface structuring of plastic foils of all types, for interior fitting in the car industry, for tactile effects for packaging and decoration on metal foils, for structuring of paper, tissue and cardboard. The list is very long.

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We care

As a global player, we operate in many locations across the world and our employees represent a variety of cultures with diverse backgrounds. With this comes great responsibility – both locally and globally. We strive to contribute to the communities we are active in and aim to minimize the negative environmental impact of our business.

Sustainability Report