Our products and services

Barrel proof

We work with barrel proofs in the case of complex printing projects, that rely on a particular tactile or refinement through metallic or other effect colours: We already carry out extensive tests on t...[more]

Contract proof

The contract proof is the result of colour separation in reproduction. While we use a relatively neutral, large colour range as a basis for the target proof, the contract proof involves simulating the...[more]

Print colour management

There are no definite industry standards in packaging printing due to the huge spectrum of substrates, ink systems and refinement processes. If printing is done at different sites or if different prin...[more]

Proof printing

Our own internal proof print resources as well as our professional print colour management enable us to produce top quality print proofs. In gravure we work with the actual printing materials and colo...[more]

Remote Proof

It is no longer possible to imagine doing without a remote proof, specifically for companies that have extensive colour communication over long distances. The time and cost saving is huge as the proof...[more]

Step & repeat proof

All printing forms produced by Janoschka are carefully checked. The Step & Repeat Proof exclusively targets technical parameters here. We check the distribution of use as well as the overall layou...[more]

Target proof

In the early phase of the prepress process we produce a target proof to define uniform standards and reliable objectives for the next phases. To do this, an RGB file is printed with a targeted colour ...[more]