In Repro we prepare the artwork for industrial printing so that we can guarantee reliable results. We produce digital reproductions for packaging printing using the gravure, flexo or offset process as well as for embossing and refinements of all types. In addition to colour extracts, overfills and special colour channels, our reproductions contain very specific print colour management. The use of the latest technologies and especially the many years of experience of our repro experts guarantee an excellent result. Depending on the customer’s requirement, we prepare the artwork information relevant for printing process-specifically or printer-specifically:

  • Process-specific reproduction takes account of all parameters which are inherent in a certain printing process. This allows a certain margin for manoeuvre for production run printing, as the repro does not consider the specific conditions in a particular printing firm.
  • Printer-specific reproduction is comparably more time-consuming, but guarantees the highest quality standards. By taking account of all technical parameters as far as printer-specific criteria, we can safeguard unchanging results and optimum quality.