We produce widely-usable rotary embossing forms/embossing rollers in all of the usual manufacturing processes. HSC milled union rollers with extremely exact concentricity and production in the μ-tolerance range are also in the product range.

We work in copper, steel, brass, aluminium and zinc. We achieve very high quality standards through the use of laser engraving. In contrast to embossing milling, it allows high-resolution, stepless 3D structures in a desired form direct into copper or aluminium. We realise excellent results in combination with a high-quality 3D-animation. Moreover, we also use 3D laser engraving on highly-solid plastics.

In general, the cylinders can be produced as a solid body, segment structure or sleeve. Tests and model embossings on original material are a special service (à Barrel proof).

Our rollers are used for the high-quality packaging of well-known products in the tobacco and food industry as well as other industrial applications. Enthusiasm and a spirit of innovation are our motivators for the continued further development of embossing applications.

Possible areas of application for our embossing

  • Surface structuring of plastic foils of all types (ABS, TPO, PE, PP foils, polyester or PVC foils as well as modified polymer foils) for textile reinforced plastic webs, e.g. as required for interior fitting in the car industry (dashboard, side parts, coverings, shelves, etc.)
  • Tactile effects for packaging and decoration on metal foils (food and cosmetic industry), metal sheets as well as on fleece and non-woven fabrics
  • 3D structures on transport conveyors
  • Structuring of paper, tissue and cardboard (fine paper, wallpapers, binding and gift papers, packaging and cardboard packaging, napkins as well as special applications)
  • Embossing for pasty materials (e.g. bitumen foil, etc.)