In contrast to the master artwork, we view an Artwork variant as a technical creative process. We adapt a master artwork to particular variants of the same product range. Independently of whether we develop a language, taste or size variant, we always try to find the ideal balance between the special requirements of the individual variant and the generally applicable design guidelines. This is because every package must function for itself while simultaneously be recognisable as a part of a brand’s product range. 

  • Language variants: We adapt text and graphics elements with respect to different country and language clusters. The taste orientation and packaging size stay identical here.  
  •  Taste variants: different variations can occur in a product series depending on the taste. In this case we exchange a picture, for example, or supplement a line extender. We do not make any changes to the language or container size.
  • Size variants: The challenge here is that we must modify the artwork for a different container size without essentially altering the proportions. This is because the fundamental design architecture should continue to survive across all of the artwork variants.