Our products and services

Artwork variant

In contrast to the master artwork, we view an Artwork variant as a technical creative process. We adapt a master artwork to particular variants of the same product range. Independently of wh...read more

Artwork verification

We use special software solutions in artwork for rapid, reliable quality control. On the one hand, this involves a comparison with the design file released by the customer and on the other, version co...read more

Barrel proof

We work with barrel proofs in the case of complex printing projects, that rely on a particular tactile or refinement through metallic or other effect colours: We already carry out extensive tests on t...read more

Bases/ technical rollers

We manufacture bases and technical rollers at different sites worldwide to offer our customers the best conditions in terms of delivery times, flexibility and quality. Our spectrum of carrier solution...read more

Contract proof

The contract proof is the result of colour separation in reproduction. While we use a relatively neutral, large colour range as a basis for the target proof, the contract proof involves simulating the...read more

Creative retouching and composing

An image on packaging is decisive for the overall impression. Every detail must match, so that the expressiveness that appeals to the consumer and which reflects the brand is specifically created via ...read more

Digital Printing

For us, digital printing is a very promising technology in the decor market. Provided they are available in digital format, individual designs can be sent directly from the PC to the printing system. ...read more


We produce widely-usable rotary embossing rollers in all of the usual manufacturing processes. HSC milled and laser produced union rollers with extremely exact concentricity and production in the μ-to...read more

Flexo printing forms

Flexo printing is a widely established printing technology. We manufacture printing forms for packaging printing, which are tailored for the widest variety of applications. The spectrum ranges from fl...read more

Master artwork

The production of a Master artwork (Master pure drawing) is a creative technical process for us. This involves developing a reproducible model for a new packaging design in a particular format. We tak...read more

Media Warehouse

Our Media Warehouse is a digital asset management system which makes it possible to save and manage digital content (e.g. graphics, photos or text) at a central location. Our customers and their agenc...read more

Online approval system

We offer our customers an online platform for the time-saving user-friendly release of PDFs via our online approval system. As soon as we set up an artwork or reproduction, we notify our customers by ...read more

Onsite-Consulting/ Onsite-Service

Long distances and a lack of internal prepress expertise can make cooperation very time-consuming. Depending on each individual customer requirement we offer project-related onsite consulting, but als...read more

Packaging simulation

The step from two-dimensional design to ready packaging cannot be underestimated. We use packaging simulations in a targeted way to correct incorrect estimates and false expectations early. The more r...read more

Pre-artwork meetings

At the start of packaging development, the decoration or design is important in addition to functional aspects. Creativity plays an important role in staging a product’s effectiveness. At the same tim...read more

Prepress process optimisation

For companies with a complex packaging requirement we offer the possibility of optimising an existing portfolio or taking over long-term process control. Our overriding goal is to avoid unnecessarily ...read more

Prepress production

As an expert in high-quality prepress solutions we offer a complete prepress service in addition to a high-quality range of products and services that can be individually finished. We take over the of...read more

Print colour management

There are no definite industry standards in packaging printing due to the huge spectrum of substrates, ink systems and refinement processes. If printing is done at different sites or if different prin...read more

Printing support/print approval

Close cooperation with the printers is essential for us, independently of whether we are working on their instructions or directly for a brand owner. The first decisive interface already lies in the...read more

Product photography

Depending on the brand strategy, design language and product focus, photographs play an important role in packaging. As the focus of a design, the illustration attracts your attention and therefore mu...read more

Proof printing

Our own internal proof print resources as well as our professional print colour management enable us to produce top quality print proofs. In gravure we work with the actual printing materials and colo...read more

Quality control

When translating the artwork in reproduction as well during the production of colour separations we allow the greatest care to prevail, as unwanted changes subsequently have extensive consequences. As...read more

Remote Proof

It is no longer possible to imagine doing without a remote proof, specifically for companies that have extensive colour communication over long distances. The time and cost saving is huge as the proof...read more


In Repro we prepare the artwork for industrial printing so that we can guarantee reliable results. We produce digital reproductions for packaging printing using the gravure, flexo or offset process as...read more

Rotogravure cylinder

We produce rotogravure cylinders for the widest variety of applications. Flexible packaging printing involving the most diverse requirements in terms of materials being printed, colour implementation ...read more

Screens for rotary silkscreen printing

Rotary silkscreen printing convinces through a high-quality printing result and also offers the possibility of achieving effective tactile effects through the use of foam or lacquer. We manufacture ...read more

Sleeve solutions

Our gravure sleeve system is excellently suited for fixed format packaging and decor printing. The quality standard is as high as that of our gravure cylinders. The reduced weight of the nickel/copper...read more

Step & repeat proof

All printing forms produced by Janoschka are carefully checked. The Step & Repeat Proof exclusively targets technical parameters here. We check the distribution of use as well as the overall layou...read more

Target proof

In the early phase of the prepress process we produce a target proof to define uniform standards and reliable objectives for the next phases. To do this, an RGB file is printed with a targeted colour ...read more

Tools/ technical equipment

Abrasion test sheet For the ink manufacturers’ abrasiveness tests we manufacture abrasion test sheets which match our gravure cylinders in their surface texture. The correct chrome layer and surface ...read more

Workflow system

Our workflow system supports Internet based cooperation among all participants of the prepress process. It depicts the entire workflow from design to printing and ensures a high level of transparency....read more