your teampreneur

What makes a personal teampreneur at Janoschka

People have always taken center stage at Janoschka. Personal relationships with customers and close cooperation with highly qualified employees have been the hallmark of Janoschka’s success for decades.

Each Janoschka employee sees him/herself as a fully integrated part of the (customer) team. Internally and externally. We understand the individual needs of our customers and of the market. By taking customer orientation to the next level of team orientation, we develop solutions and implement them together with our customers and partners.

Perfectly combining the good ideas of individuals with the strength of a team.
That’s the Janoschka way of working. Always has been.

What is behind the word “teampreneur”

Teampreneur is made up of team and entrepreneur or entrepreneurship.

Team = a coming together of several people to solve a particular task or achieve a particular objective. The coming together may be between employees from different disciplines or between employees and customers.

Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship = the originally French words describe a personality that is character-ised by recognising, exploiting and profitably implementing market opportunities. They are willing to take responsibility and bear calculable risks. So there are entrepreneurs in all companies who question what exists and contribute new ideas time and again. So the word entrepreneur is not a 1:1 synonym for business owner, rather it concerns a character and a particular way of thinking.