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We proudly present Linked, the new Janoschka Magazine.

Linked is designed to help us stay in touch with you, our customers and partners. It is staying connected and working together on a daily basis that bring about the best solutions. Through Linked we hope to deliver valuable information to you. Information about new technologies and innovations. We would like to share our 40 years’ experience in the packaging and decorative industry with you and provide ideas to enhance your day-to-day operations.

We also tell stories in this magazine. Stories above and beyond Janoschka, which on closer inspection do circle back to what we do. Linked provides information and entertainment.


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Lower ink consumption with Cellaxy

Comparing ink consumption in practice for usage in practice

195 Ki

Steelbase production at Janoschka Philippines

Janoschka Philippines has now made another strategic move by building up an inhouse steelbase production line.

139 Ki

Chromium trioxide

in the manufacture of printing cylinders

486 Ki

Janoschka implements DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY Brite screens

Perfect ink laydown for your packaging projects

284 Ki

Linked2Btrands Russia goes live

Having launched its subsidiaries in Germany and Brazil last year, followed by Turkey in March, Linked2Brands has now further expanded its network with an additional agency. [more]

58 Ki

JAPRIS – Countless designs for a unique effect

Janoschka is developing innovative finishing solutions for packaging with moving patterns.[more]

147 Ki

Janoschka und Linked2Brands engagieren sich in HolyGrail 2.0

43 Ki

Janoschka does research for project OptiK-Net

As a project partner, Janoschka is in the process of developing an innovative printing tool at its Kippenheim site.[more]

94 Ki


After the inauguration of Linked2Brands in Germany in July, finally Linked2Brasil has started operations end of September in its new Linked premises in São Paulo. [more]

188 Ki

New CEO announced

Janoschka AG has expanded its group executive board in order to push ahead with the strategic development of the global prepress partner and the expansion of new business areas. [more]

91 Ki

Image-to-Print in Istanbul

The “Image-to-Print” roadshow set up by Janoschka, Nordmeccanica, Rossini, Siegwerk and Windmöller & Hölscher had again invited the packaging market to a further “Image-to-Print” event. The roadshow had its recent stop-over in Istanbul on July 03/04. [more]

179 Ki

Alliance with Kaligraf

After two years of co-operation, prepress specialists Janoschka and Kaligraf confirm their intention to continue and expand their alliance. The partners aim to meet the growing market demands in terms of lead times and flexibility. [more]

93 Ki

Image-to-Print in Jakarta

The “Image-to-Print” roadshow set up by Janoschka, Nordmeccanica, Rossini, Siegwerk and Windmöller & Hölscher had again invited the packaging market to a further “Image-to-Print” event. [more]

180 Ki

Image-to-Print in India

Janoschka, Nordmeccanica, Rossini, Siegwerk and Windmöller & Hölscher had again invited the packaging market to a further “Image-to-Print” event. The roadshow had its recent stop-over in Rajkot, Gujarat, India on September 19/20. [more]

175 Ki

All dots connected: LINKED awarded the Red Dot

LINKED is outstanding and award winning: As part of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018, Janoschka has succeeded in winning over the 24-member jury with its customer magazine LINKED. [more]

656 Ki

Successful increase in capital at Janoschka

Janoschka, together with Süd Beteiligungen GmbH (SüdBG), has carried out an increase in capital. [more]

84 Ki

Innovative ‘prismatic’ effect for carton packaging enhances consumer packaging experience

New printing technology that creates a sense of movement on packaging will attract the attention of shoppers, produce a sense of premium quality, and drive sales for customers. [more]

150 Ki

Hollow cylinder production to relocate to Kippenheim

Janoschka is consolidating its production capacity in the DACH region, relocating the automated line for hollow cylinder production from Bleienbach, Switzerland, to the Kippenheim site in July 2017. [more]

79 Ki

Janoschka expands product range in Russia

The Digilas direct laser will be shipped from Germany to Russia before the end of the year, in order to help respond to customer requirements and market demands in the growing tobacco sector with more flexibility.[more]

2,17 Mi

Préstiges Hélio 2016

The French rotogravure association Prohélio awarded mid of November the 28th “Préstiges Hélio” on behalf of the Salon d’Emballage in Paris. [more]

186 Ki

Janoschka Innovation Day

The first Janoschka Innovation Day in Asia was successfully held on 23rd September 2016 at Asia-Pacific Engravers, the Malaysian Janoschka subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur.[more]

195 Ki

Janoschka invests in new Cellaxy generation

The installation of the C500 Direct Laser at Janoschka’s largest production site in Kippenheim is scheduled for the autumn.[more]

298 Ki

Janoschka Swiss

The new family member called Janoschka Swiss AG is completing the product offer in Switzerland. Besides graphical products the market is now being supplied with rotogravure printing tools from Janoschka.[more]

77 Ki

Janoschka adjusts shareholding structure

Janoschka is consistently pursuing the corporate restructuring initiated last year. The aim is to create a structure adapted to form the basis for a global and sustainable growth strategy.[more]

76 Ki
62 Ki

New structure

The strategic and customer orientated development of Janoschka will result in further structural changes. Janoschka Deutschland GmbH will emerge in the first half year of 2016.[more]

130 Ki
119 Ki

Successful corporate financing of the Janoschka Group

The Janoschka Group has successfully completed restructuring its financing at a total of 27 million euros.[more]

79 Ki
65 Ki

Janoschka prepares for global growth with IFS Applications

Janoschka has selected IFS Applications™ to enable its continued growth globally and to improve production control and planning.[more]

148 Ki
138 Ki

4.000 meters of wrapping paper for a good cause

Students at the Printing and Media Faculty of Stuttgart’s Media Technical University took part in a charity project during their initial internship.[more]

80 Ki
66 Ki

Kimberly Clark “Asean Packaging Workshop”

Janoschka is very proud to have been invited as guest speaker for Kimberly Clark’s annual Asean Packaging Workshop, which was held at the production facility of Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd., one of the key suppliers to Kimberly Clark. [more]

200 Ki
219 Ki

Prestiges Hélio 2015

Prohélio, the French association for promoting rotogravure, awarded end of November the Préstiges Hélio for the 27th time. [more]

126 Ki
109 Ki

ERA Award

On behalf of the recent ERA Packaging and Dekorative Conference in Izmir Janoschka has been honored with the ERA Packaging Gravure Award 2015 for a premium tobacco brand packaging. [more]

77 Ki
64 Ki

Image-to-Print in Shijiazhuang

The “Image-to-Print” roadshow set up by Janoschka, Windmöller & Hölscher, Sun Chemical and Nordmeccanica recently stopped in China.[more]

427 Ki
418 Ki

Digital trends

State-of-the-art digital printing on various printing materials like glass, acryl glass, anodized aluminium, wood, ceramic is the solution for such customer requirements for interior concepts with personal touch.[more]

607 Ki
577 Ki

SWG wird 125

Die Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH feiert im Juni ihr 125 jähriges Bestehen und ist damit eines der traditionsreichsten Gravurunternehmen Europas. [more]

404 Ki
389 Ki

Symposium ‘Image-to-Print’

The "Image-to-Print" series of events, which has been successfully touring since 2009, made its 14th stop in Manila, Philippines. [more]

107 Ki
99 Ki

Janoschka reduces share in SWG

Janoschka Holding GmbH reduces its share in Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH (SWG). At the same time, both companies agree long-term cooperation in product development and manufacturing.[more]

80 Ki
66 Ki

Préstiges Hélio 2014

Prohélio, the French organisation for promoting rotogravure, awarded the Préstiges Hélio 2014 in various categories for the 26th time end of November. The award ceremony was held at the Cité du Train in Mulhouse, France - a stylish setting for the conclusion of the annual competition. [more]

76 Ki
63 Ki

ERA visits Janoschka's innovation site

In 2014, the ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference was held on 4 and 5 November in Dresden. As part of the event, around 100 visitors made their way to Frankenberg to take a look behind the scenes at Sächsische Walzengravur (SWG).[more]

81 Ki
68 Ki

Image-to-Print in Hungary

The "Image-to-Print" series of events, which has been successfully touring since 2009, made its 13th stop in Hungary. A total of more than 130 participants from eleven countries visited Image-to-Print in Budapest.[more]

109 Ki
101 Ki

Gravure printing seminar in Iran

The Toranj Group organises a seminar in Teheran for the Iranian gravure printing industry on 28/29 May 2014. From Janoschka, Rudi Weis-Schiff will talk about market requirements in the prepress segment, while Zafer Akendiz will present various technologies and innovations in cylinder preparation.[more]

75 Ki
63 Ki

Latest direct laser technology in high demand

Since the end of 2013, Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH (SWG/Nordgravuren), based in Frankenberg, has had a second Cellaxy laser engraving system to meet increasing demand for high-quality gravure printing formes and embossing cylinders. [more]

79 Ki
66 Ki

Image-to-Print in Poland

The roadshow „Image-to-Print“ commonly set up by Windmöller & Hölscher, Sun Chemical, Nordmeccanica and Janoschka went on: recent stop-over was close to Warsaw, Poland. [more]

107 Ki
101 Ki

Daetwyler Laser User Meeting 2013

This year’s Daetwyler Laser User Meeting held on September 19/20 had its kick-off at the Janoschka production site in Kippenheim. A company visit including live demos was a great introduction into the meeting focus, namely pulse fiber laser and acid zinc. [more]

77 Ki
64 Ki

Innovation Day Haptics

Janoschka Academy has continued its very successful Innovation Day performance. The third Innovation Day featuring tactile surfaces and haptics took place on September 19/20 in Saxony/D.[more]

78 Ki
65 Ki

Janoschka on Fachpack

After Drupa 2012 and before Interpack 2014 Janoschka will exhibit on Fachpack 2013, the European fair for packaging, refinement and technology.[more]

82 Ki
65 Ki

Image-to-Print in Italy

Printing Technology & Innovation Days for Flexible PackagingThe roadshow “Image-to-Print” set up by Sun Chemical, Windmöller & Hölscher, Nordmeccanica and Janoschka had its recent stop-over with 75 guests in Piacenza, Italy. [more]

156 Ki
138 Ki

HD Flexo certified

In collaboration with an international printer, the second Janoschka branch has now been HD Flexo certified by Esko.[more]

76 Ki
63 Ki

Enterprise of the Year 2013

Janoschka Pavlovsk, the Russian Janoschka branch based close to St. Petersburg, was again rewarded „Enterprise of the year 2013“. Managing director Thomas Zocher was honored with the correspondent title „Manager of the year 2013“. [more]

76 Ki
63 Ki

Change in Management

Janoschka headquarter announces a change of management at Janoschka Pavlovsk for the mid of the year. After eight years of built up and leading the Russian Janoschka branch near St. Petersburg, Thomas Zocher will face new challenges.[more]

77 Ki
64 Ki

Image-to-Print in Vietnam

The roadshow „Image-to-Print“ commonly set up by Windmöller & Hölscher, Sun Chemical, Nordmeccanica and Janoschka had its recent stop-over beginning of April in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.[more]

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