Prepress is a process

For us, prepress begins during design and concludes in production printing. The entire process includes six phases: design, artwork, reproduction, proof, form and print. The interaction between the individual phases is very complex, which is why the results from each individual phase are decisively important for the further process. We can increase the added value for our customers from phase to phase by setting the right course at the right moment in a seamless process. On the other hand, if interruptions occur these are usually linked to friction losses, which have a negative impact on quality and cost efficiency. In an ideal situation we therefore accompany our customers through all six stages in the process and always keep sight of their multilayered interplay as this happens. It is specifically this process competence, which is inseparably linked to our staff’s skill, which makes our portfolio so valuable. Together with our expertise in our customers’ target markets, it forms the foundation for every prepress solution.

An individual profile for each solution

Our stated target is to offer our customers the best possible solution. This is why we analyse the exact requirement during the first stage of collaboration so that we can configure our portfolio accordingly. In the second stage we plan the ideal interplay of products and services throughout the entire process flow. The specific demands of the individual target market play a very important role here. For example, the prepress process for a cigarette pack sets us completely different challenges from prepress for a floor covering. As a result, we check and take account of all the relevant influencing factors extremely carefully in each project in order to set up an ideal process. It is only by doing this that each Janoschka prepress solution ultimately acquires a completely individual profile, that exclusively reflects a single customer’s need in a very specific project.


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