Among the recent Janoschka in-house developments is a new concept of a cylinder base of the latest generation for shaft-less cylinders.

The state-of-the art solution EcoBase is a new lightweight base with many advantages for the printers, such as efficiency improvement in production flow, easy handling, reduced set-up times, reduced transport and storage cost due to its reduced weight. This is just another factor to compete in our industry and reduce costs, especially in small face-width and short runs with Flexo.

Being totally compatible with other steel bases, EcoBase can be handled by any engraving company.

Janoschka is committed to the environment, and as the name says, EcoBase is not only economical, but also ecological. Extended consideration towards sustainability was given by EcoBase’s reduced carbon footprint.

Since its introduction in September 2011, more than 1500 EcoBases have been supplied already into the market-place.

You are invited to test it.
Your contact for further information is Jean-Philippe Daumalle, phone +33 6 83 83 10 16.

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