Daetwyler Laser User Meeting 2013

Another focus of this year’s Daetwyler Laser User Meeting was Helio-Zinc: guests were also able to deepen their knowledge of this subject at Janoschka thanks to its beta test machine and its experience in this field.

This year’s Daetwyler Laser User Meeting from 19-20 September was launched at the Janoschka site in Kippenheim. A company visit, including live demos, gave participants the perfect introduction to the meeting’s main theme: pulse fibre laser and acid zinc.

The annual Daetwyler Laser User Meeting is an industry gathering, an exchange of experiences and an innovation report all at the same time. As a global market leader in engineering for the print industry and a renowned centre of excellence for laser engraving systems, Daetwyler Graphics AG regularly invites the important companies of the prepress market within the packaging, decor and illustration printing industry to exchange knowledge and ideas.

This year’s meeting kicked off with a visit to the Janoschka site in Southern Germany, which has a total of seven laser systems for a wide variety of imaging processes. Janoschka produces approximately 40,000 gravure cylinders a year in Kippenheim, over 11,000 of which are laser cylinders for rotogravure and embossing. Indeed, the company installed its first direct laser machine here back in the year 2000.

Janoschka uses a wide variety of laser processes at seven sites worldwide and thus offers all laser technologies on the market, currently as the only prepress partner.

Your contact at Janoschka for both main topics is Ralf Zähringer, Project Manager for New Technologies, Tel. +49 (0)7825 849 429.

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