Laser User Meeting

The annual Daetwyler Laser User Meeting 2013 is scheduled for 19/20 September. Venue will be the entertainment park Europa-Park in Southern Germany, linked with a company visit and live demos at Janoschka.

The yearly Laser User Meeting hosted by Daetwyler is meeting point for the industry, experience exchange and innovation report likewise.

As market leader in machine building for the printing industry and competence center for unique laser engraving systems, Daetwyler Graphics AG invites reputable prepress market players within the packaging, decor and illustration printing industry for a trade exchange. The meeting in September places a particular emphasis on Pulsed Fiber Laser (PFL) and the newly developed acid zinc process.

The visit at the Janoschka branch in Kippenheim with live laser demos stands to reason. Worldwide Janoschka is offering different laser technologies at seven production sites comprising all laser techniques currently available on the market. The laser beginnings go back to the year 2000 when Janoschka started to operate its first direct laser system.

For organizational questions related to the Laser User Meeting please contact Daetwyler directly, telephone +41 62 919 34 06.

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