Enterprise of the year 2013

Janoschka Pavlovsk was again rewarded „Enterprise of the year 2013“ and Thomas Zocher (at that time the managing director) was honored with the correspondent title „Manager of the year 2013“.

It was the second time after 2008 that the Russian Janoschka branch based close to St. Petersburg was awarded with the reputable prize.

It is the goal of the award, established by the Russian government, to present the innovative enterprises of the country to the public and most of all to the economy, and to honor its efforts and performance. Assessment criteria are the economic development, R&D activities, know-how and the social commitment of the company.

The product and service portfolio of Janoschka Pavlovsk, founded in 2004, includes rotogravure printing formes, embossing rollers, cylinder bases as well as graphic prepress services. Janoschka Pavlovsk is serving printers and local and global brand owner in the packaging and tobacco industry.


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