Brand consistency? Absolutely!
Boring look? No thanks!
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Corrugated board and high-gloss packaging hand in hand – no problem for us.
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Sometimes less is more: strong accents on a minimalist design.
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Make taste something you can feel and entice your customers.
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Win over Russian souls?
We find the right twist.
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Janoschka brand-to-package: For us, the success of your brand is paramount

In the FCMG market, the packaging is the last incentive to buy so it must summarise the brand communication statements. Be it a plastic bag, carton, bottle, sleeve or folding box, the face of the brand must be the same. Depending on the complexity of the brand portfolio and global presence, this requirement can be a major challenge.

Thanks to our many years of experience in all phases of the prepress process, we are the ideal partner to help brand owners attain their goal quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining a high standard of quality. Our international network, uniform quality standards and reliable print colour management mean that when it comes to packaging, your brands are in safe hands with us. Not only are the decorative and technical marketing demands continually rising, there are ever-increasing requirements on the packaging in terms of functionality too. After all, nobody wants to fall behind when it comes to environment friendliness, weight or preservation.

We are able to include and consistently implement these criteria early in the process. Our prepress experts can accurately create material properties, individual profiles of different printers and process-specific parameters to ensure a perfect result in production printing. We look after both small and major brands and our goal is always the same: the best solution for each of our customers.

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We see prepress as a process comprising six phases, starting with design and finishing with printing. The aim of this process is to technically prepare a creative idea so that it can be implemented digitally to produce consistent print and packaging. With our wide portfolio, we cover the entire prepress process. We understand and think through the individual needs of our customers from beginning to end. In an ideal process, we can use our process competence and our portfolio to maximum effect.

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