About Research & Development

Quality and customer service are two essential aspects of Janoschka’s success story. We have high aspirations in the prepress sector which is technology driven. As a result we pursue a consistent and application-related innovation strategy, so we can offer our customers continuous added value. By continuously developing our core competences we consolidate our position as a world leader. This involves both improving existing technologies while developing new products and process technologies. Depending on the individual objective of our R&D projects we work alone or in the framework of bigger cooperation projects. Furthermore, the field of contract research is becoming increasingly important.

Our constantly growing network of industrial companies, third-level colleges, research institutes and specialist experts is very valuable in this context. Through intensive exchanges we ensure that our R&D activities have the right focus and that we fully exploit our innovation potential.

Our Research Focuses
Form manufacturing

To secure the competitiveness of gravure compared with flexo and offset printing in the long term, developing new, innovative printing forms is an important factor for us. We pursue the objective of reducing the weight of forms by using innovative materials and optimisations in the manufacturing process. This simplifies logistics and the handling of printing forms and thus reduces costs.


We focus intensively on the possible applications of new materials to make the gravure cylinders manufacturing process more environmentally friendly and to raise its efficiency. Reducing weight is a concern here, but the development of surface materials which can be used without chrome-plating due to their stability is also a central objective for us.


In the electroplating field we deal with process techniques on the one hand, while on the other we develop special products as well as the associated machines and special units. Our special expertise lies in the area of nickel plating and nickel alloys. We have already been able to open up interesting niche markets through our own developments such as microsleeves and special silkscreen printing forms.

Print Colour Management

The use of ever changing special colours in packaging designs combined with the widest variety of process parameters such as the colour sequence or printing substrate imposes major challenges for print colour management. We work on developing further and more in-depth technologies to achieve the shortest possible set-up time in printing.

Laser engraving

We are continually striving to increase the precision of rotogravure engraving. This quality requirement is vital for negotiable instruments and security printing, but also for printing forms in the printed electronics sector and for other special applications. Furthermore, laser engraving plays an important role in the manufacture of embossing forms. In contrast to embossing milling, it permits the detailed implementation of 3D-embossing elements. To exploit the full potential of this technology, our development activities focus on optimising the entire workflow.